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1、PassTo provides what services?

PassTo is the simplest solution for finding and comparing currency exchange rates. It provides real-time quotes from banks and currency exchange dealers. PassTo updates exchange rate quotes from nearby money changers and banks in real-time, making it easy for you to find the latest and best rates for cash exchange nearby.

2、 How can merchants join us as our quoting partners?

Please contact us via WhatsApp (+44 7491771091) and we will arrange for a dedicated person to follow up with you.

3、What are the differences between passTo cooperative merchants

Merchants with certification labels are merchants who have entered into special cooperation with the platform. They will be stationed in merchant customer service and provide real-time online consultation services. Such merchants have conducted real exchange cooperation with the platform and have higher transaction security guarantees.

4、Can I directly make an appointment for exchange with the merchant through the PassTo platform

In contact with merchants, please stay tuned...

5、How to find the most suitable currency exchange dealer

You can determine which exchange merchant to choose based on the following dimensions: exchange rate price, distance, etc. Additionally, we provide two ways to help you find a suitable exchange merchant:1) Exchange - select the currency pair you want to exchange and view the list of merchants that offer exchange services. Choose a suitable merchant;2) Map - select the currency pair you want to exchange and view the location of merchants who offer exchange services on the map, as well as their quotes and distances. Choose a suitable exchange merchant.

6、 How to check the exchange rate and available amount for a target currency pair

Switch to the exchange or map page, select the currency you have in hand and the currency you want to receive/pay. You can then view the best exchange rate provided by merchants included on our platform, as well as the amount of currency you will receive/pay. If a merchant is able to provide an exchange service for the currency you have selected, it will be displayed in the merchant list. The platform will calculate the amount of currency you will receive/pay based on the exchange rate published by merchants.

7、The source of PassTo's merchant quotes and whether they are genuine

PassTo's merchants include currency exchange shops and banks, and their exchange rates are derived from collecting and organizing the rates published by merchants through various channels. As currency exchange rates fluctuate, the exchange rates displayed by PassTo's merchants are for reference only. The actual exchange rate will be based on the rate displayed at the merchant's store after arrival.